Specialists of Bamtonnelstroy-Most Group of Companies started the construction works in the riverbed while building the road and railway bridges across the Pregolya River in Kaliningrad

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Deputy Head of the Kaliningrad’s Region Government Alexander Rolbinov and Head of the City Administration Elena Dyatlova examined the work progress

The specialists of Bamtonnelstroy-Most Group of Companies have started to build the foundations of the piers of the motorway and railway bridges across the Pregolya River in Kaliningrad. Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Kaliningrad Region Alexander Rolbinov and Head of the Kaliningrad City District Administration Elena Dyatlova have visited the construction sites.

The works in the riverbed are carried out in the place of the pier No. 5 of the motorway bridge and the pier No. 2 of the railway bridge. At this stage, wells are being drilled for the bored piles installation. Builders use some auxiliary structures including special mobile platforms on which drilling rigs are installed.

The bridge piers will be in the form of towers containing the lifting equipment for the central vertical lifting span. The towers of the railway bridge will be 54 meters high, the motorway bridge towers – 60.5 meters high.

“The construction of both motorway bridge and railway bridge is carried out simultaneously. 334 people and more than 80 units of equipment are involved in the construction. As for now, the work is being carried out on ten structures of the facility in accordance with the work schedules,” Deputy General Director for Construction of Bamtonnelstroy-Most JSC Alexey Melnichenko said.

The 386.7-meter-long motorway bridge consists of eight piers and three superstructures. The central navigable span is made of vertically-lifting all-metal simple-span girders and in the raised position it provides a 50-meter-wide and 28-meter-high bridge clearance.

The 237.3-meter-long railway bridge consists of four piers and three spans. The central span of the structure is also navigable ang equipped with a vertical lifting mechanism. The bridge has the same clearance as the motorway bridge.

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