Launching of the superstructure on the Sura River bridge on M-12 Highway has begun

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The launched structure weighs 1,063 tons

The first stage of the superstructure launching on the bridge across the Sura River on the M-12 Moscow – Nizhny Novgorod – Kazan Highway under construction has begun. The length of the first stage is 81 meters, the weight of the launched structure is 1,063 tons, and the planned launching speed will be 3 meters per hour.

The specialists of Bamtonnelstroy-Most Group of Companies build the new bridge by longitudinal launching method using hydraulic equipment. The span structures are assembled on a building berth and then launched one by one by jacks onto the ready-made supports using the sliding devices.

“The most important stage of the construction of the bridge across the Sura River – the installation of the superstructure – has begun. We have assembled 130 out of 673 meters of metal structures of the superstructure and started to launch it from the right river bank situated in Chuvashia. At the first stage, the superstructure will be launched onto support No. 6. In total, it is planned to complete 7 stages of launching using a 45-meter-long launching nose, rear launching nose and a strut. The installation of the superstructure will be completed in March 2023,” Chief of the Sura Branch Office of SK MOST JSC (a member of Bamtonnelstroy-Most Group of Companies) Igor Radchenko said.

The bridge across the Sura River is one of the three largest artificial structures on M-12 Highway. It will connect the Nizhny Novgorod Region and the Chuvash Republic. The bridge will provide the residents of Sergachsky District and Shumerlinsky District with an all-season alternative route to the existing pontoon bridge on ice, which can be closed in autumn and spring periods for 2-3 months. During these periods the neighboring districts are connected only by a detour route, which is about 150 kilometers long.

The bridge under construction across the Sura River will be 926.5 m long, 25.02 m wide, and it will have two lanes in each direction. The bridge crossing will rest on 11 supports and consist of two superstructures: a metal superstructure with an orthotropic plate in axes of piers Nos. 1-7 and a steel-reinforced concrete superstructures with a monolithic plate in axes of piers Nos. 7-11. The total weight of metal structures will be about 10,000 tons.

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