Vasily Orlov: “The overpass in Novobureysky settlement will be built by the end of 2024”

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Construction of the facility will reduce the number of accidents at the railway crossing across the Transsib

At the Eastern Economic Forum 2022, Bamtonnelstroy-Most JSC and the Government of the Amur Region have concluded a concession agreement on the construction of an overpass in Novobureysky urban-type settlement. The construction of the facility will reduce the number of accidents at the railway crossing across the Trans-Siberian Railway. The project cost is 2.5 billion rubles.

“At the federal level, we have repeatedly raised the concern that grade crossings across the Trans-Siberian Railway are dangerous. We have sent proposals to Rosavtodor for the construction of 11 overpasses in the region, 10 of which will pass over the Trans-Siberian Railway. The overpasses in Seryshevo, Zavitinsk and Novobureysk are a priority. Bamtonnelstroy-Most is a reliable company, that has implemented several important transport infrastructure projects in the region, for example, the cross-border bridge and the bridge under construction across the Zeya River in Blagoveshchensk. The expertise of the contractor and support of the federal authorities will allow to build an overpass in Novobureysky settlement in a short time – it should be ready in 2024. The project cost amounts to 2.5 billion rubles” – head of the region Vasily Orlov said. 

The length of the overpass together with the approaches will be more than 3 kilometers. The facility will have exits to Lesnaya Street in Novobureysky and to a federal highway. It will significantly ease traffic flow in the settlement and reduce the accident rate.

“Bamtonnelstroy-Most Group of Companies has been implementing projects in the Amur Region for many years. The Blagoveshchensk-Heihe Bridge has been recently opened to traffic and the superstructures of the bridge across the Zeya River have been connected. Taking into account the increasing traffic flow on the Trans-Siberian Railway, the construction of highway overpasses is particularly acute, we have already built the same facility in Svobodny. The construction of the overpass over the Trans-Siberian Railway in Novobureysky settlement will allow drivers to cross the busy railway safely and quickly. Up to 200 people and 50 units of equipment are to be involved in the construction,” Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bamtonnelstroy-Most JSC Nikita Satyukov said.

DOM.RF and Gazprombank funds will be used to finance the project under the concession agreement.

“As part of the infrastructure #MEGAPLAYER strategy, Gazprombank pays particular attention to the initiatives in the road construction sector, not limited by those at the federal level. We are also interested in participating in the regional level projects, including small ones. I am sure that the overpass will boost the comprehensive development of nearby settlements in economic, social and environmental sectors. It is also important to point out that the involvement of the Bank in the project will ensure concessional financing through the infrastructure bonds,” First Vice President – Head of Infrastructure Projects and PPP Department of Gazprombank Pavel Brusser commented.

It is worth noting that approvals of the expertise for the construction of overpasses in Seryshevo and Belogorsk have already been obtained. By the end of the year, the regional government expects to get an approval for the construction of overpasses in Vozhayevka and Zavitinsk, and a feasibility study for the overpass over the railway station in Blagoveshchensk.

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