Happy BAM Builder’s Day!

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On September 14, the builders of the Baikal Amur Mainline celebrate their professional holiday in the Amur Region

Today, on September 14, the Day of the BAM Builder is celebrated in the Amur Region – in 1972, on this particular day the builders of the small BAM laid the first “silver” railway section from Bamovskaya Station on the Trans-Siberian Railway towards Tynda, which is known as the “capital” of the Baikal–Amur Mainline.

Bamtonnelstroy-Most Group of Companies traces its history back to the construction of the BAM and the organizations involved in construction of its most important and complicated facilities: all tunnels built by Bamtonnelstroy Construction Department and bridges constructed by Mostotryad 55 of Mostotrest 10. Nagorny Tunnel is rightfully considered to be one of the iconic facilities on the small BAM (Bamovskaya – Tynda – Berkatit line), which was built through the Stanovoy Range in permafrost conditions and commissioned in 1979. It became the first tunnel constructed by the builders of Bamtonnelstroy Construction Department on the BAM.

Bamtonnelstroy-Most Group of Companies congratulates all BAM Builders. Thanks to your hard work, it became possible to implement such a large-scale infrastructure project, it is a huge contribution to the development of our country’s transport infrastructure. We wish you strong health, strength, confidence, energy and prospects for the development of your unique skills!

The BTS-MOST Group of Companies